More Granite

Granite VIII - Carraher 2020
Granite VIII
July 2020.  Acrylic and ink on canvas, 11 x 14 in.

Still interested in the shape of the granite boulders, but not so much in their texture here. Where I’m really (always) heading is toward simultaneity.  The interpenetrability of the substance and the ether.

This started with a quick contour sketch up near Stirrup Tank in Joshua Tree National Park.  The umber and ochre are applied with a brayer for randomness.

I’m continuing to work with the same sketch, using different approaches.  More to come.

12 thoughts on “More Granite

  1. Janis Commentz

    Thanks for the newsletter about your new blog! Congratulations. I am really drawn to the granite series. I find, more and more, I love rock – and the idea that it withstands the test of time and has been explored for centuries, longer. What creatures before us explored these stones? ~Janis


    1. magicgroove Post author

      Thanks Janis! I’ve had blogs in the past and really love the form. Very conducive to reflection. Yes, as to granite, the boulders are the essence of mass and resistance but weather and erode nonetheless. The time scale is beyond our measure yet we feel it on seeing and touching them, just the same. Awesome. Not a subject I approach lightly.


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  3. Lisa B (Lisa Bernstein)

    Yummy. Which somehow came out “hymns” as a “typo.” Anyway, also enjoy hearing about your process and new words like “brayer.” Seems to go with “Stirrup Tank” even if accidentally.


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