Paintings in studio 12 19 2020

I will sometimes put several paintings up on the wall together in the studio to see if any of them stand out as unable to measure up to the group.  Comparing their…weights, shall we say.  Almost one could say their cosmic weights, as when Anubis places the heart of the deceased on the scale against Ma’at’s Feather of Truth.  Although the heart that is heavier than the feather is condemned and devoured, what I’m looking  to see is if any of the paintings stands out for its lightness, its lack of substance or gravity.  Or maybe truth is actually the word I’m looking for.  Even though I might be uncertain about a single work, it’s funny how easy it is for me to see what’s lacking when viewed in a group.    

In the above snapshot of the studio wall, all of the paintings, for me, can hold their own against one another.  Even the magenta.  These are quite new, and I’m pleased with them.  That’s Joyce in the Bardo on the right.  And a little bit of sunlight in the lower left corner. 

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