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OMG Showing Again!

"Untitled (10 19 18)" - Carraher 2018

Untitled (10 19 18)
2018.  Acrylic and charcoal on foamboard. 6.5 x 8.25 in.

Wow.  The drought has attenuated if not ended.  I WILL be showing work on walls again!

First, the 29 Palms Art Gallery reopened in March, and I will have a couple pieces in the Members Gallery for the month of April.  Featured artists are Khrysso Heart LeFey and Warner Graves, hours 11-3 Thursday through Sunday.  I will be docenting this Thursday April 1 if you want to stop by and say a socially distanced and masked hi!

Second, I have registered for Open Studio Art Tours in October!  I’ll be doing the second and third weekends (16-17 and 23-24) first and second weekends (9-10 and 16-17), covid-goddess willing.  I’m very pleased.  I love showing my work in my own studio and really missed it last year.

Above is a little early acrylic work which was very important in my evolution with acrylics.  I suppose it counts as a “small Ways” piece as I was using up some leftover paint on a scrap of foamboard covered with clear gesso.  The linework with charcoal happened first, and the paint followed totally spontaneously.  I was very pleased with it, and it opened up a world of possibilities in my mind.  My work has progressed so much over the last three years, but I have yet to match some of those early, accidental pieces that hit me right in my sweet spot, like this one.  🙂

small Ways

Summer of This Year - Carraher 2020Summer of This Year
June 2020.  Acrylic on panel, 8 x 10 in.

When I finish a painting sometimes I have some piles of paint left on the palette, so I’ll take a small, inexpensive panel like this one and use those tail-ends to do a little improvisation.  It’s one of my favorite things to do because I have zero load on it, no plan and no expectations – just “seeing what happens”.  I always learn something, and sometimes I like the results.  Like this one, which I like pretty swell.  The color is off-balance in this image, though, because the scanner couldn’t pick up the viridian – that dull blue should be a luscious aqua-green.  A summer palette.